The IAMINK® arose from the need to be able to act compliantly and flexibly with regard to the EU-wide tattooing products regulation (REACH) planned since 2021. Ok, actually it was a mental storm cloud. It slowly but surely darkened more and more in the face of the looming REACH. And the displeasure that the tattoo world has closed its eyes to the looming problem. After a full-blown tantrum in the winter of 2018, it thus came to the founding of IAMINK® in the spring of 2019. And with it a mission.

IAMINK® stands for the highest competence in the development and production of tattoo inks. The quality of our products is based on decades of experience in development and production. We are always looking for innovative and forward-looking solutions and the highest quality raw materials. In this way, IAMINK® combines the incompatible: the highest, application-technical demands of the artist with the highest pigment and raw material quality.

To achieve this, we rely on sophisticated control and assurance systems. Furthermore we have our product quality regularly tested and confirmed by external laboratories. Because only flawless products can hold their own in the long term.


Speaking of long-term thinking: The issue of sustainability also plays a special role for us. We don't transport our bottles halfway around the world just to save a few cents. We buy them from a producer directly in Austria. This turns a trip around the world into a two-hour car ride. Good for the environment - good for everyone.

We see it the same way with the topic of vegan: We apply our labels to the bottles using steam and thus do without casein glue. This also applies to the adhesive labels. This makes our products vegan - inside and out.

Thus, IAMINK provides the tattoo artist with the working material that ensures first-class results, satisfied customers and their own professional future. Without compromise.